Linlithgow Young People's Project


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Welcome to Linlithgow Young People's Project! LYPP adopts a holistic approach to the young people of Linlithgow in catering for their social, recreational, physical and spiritual welfare. We do this in partnership with local churches by serving the needs of the local community and outlying areas.

The 'Lounge' drop-in youth centre is the main touching point of the project with the young people in Linlithgow and surrounding area's. Anyone between the ages of 12 to 18 (or 11 and in S1 at school) can come along and hang out with your friends, play on the wii or xbox 360's, play pool, go online, or sign up to use the music rehearsal room which has a drum kit, guitars and electric piano. On Tuesday's we have a professional music tutor in the Lounge to help you to learn a new instrument, work with bands and help record demos.

There is a team of youth workers who will happily show you around and be there to chat with you. We also run weekly discussion sessions under the heading of the 'Game of Life' were you get the chance to chat, with the staff and other professional's about the issues facing young people today, Alcohol, Drugs, Sex, Confidence, Bullying and loads more! We also have a programme of special events and activities for you to take part in throughout the year and over the holidays.

Lounge opening times

Tuesday 7:15-10pm
Wednesday 7:15-10pm
Thursday 7:15-10pm
Friday 1-4pm

For regular updates on our programmes and activities search for 'LYPP Linlithgow' on Facebook!
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